Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves"

From Shelly Fan's 6-14-17 SingularityHub article entitled "Forget Police Sketches:  Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves":

"Picture this: you’re sitting in a police interrogation room, struggling to describe the face of a criminal to a sketch artist. You pause, wrinkling your brow, trying to remember the distance between his eyes and the shape of his nose.
"Suddenly, the detective offers you an easier way: would you like to have your brain scanned instead, so that machines can automatically reconstruct the face in your mind’s eye from reading your brain waves?
"Sound fantastical? It’s not. After decades of work, scientists at Caltech may have finally cracked our brain’s facial recognition code. Using brain scans and direct neuron recording from macaque monkeys, the team found specialized 'face patches' that respond to specific combinations of facial features.
"Like dials on a music mixer, each patch is fine-tuned to a particular set of visual information, which then channel together in different combinations to form a holistic representation of every distinctive face.
"The values of each dial were so predictable that scientists were able to recreate a face the monkey saw simply by recording the electrical activity of roughly 200 brain cells. When placed together, the reconstruction and the actual photo were nearly indistinguishable.
"'This was mind-blowing,' says lead author Dr. Doris Tsao."
To read Shelly Fan's entire article, click HERE.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Milton's Vision of Paradise Lost and Regained

Here's another esoteric treat courtesy of Manly P. Hall and his Philosophical Research Society--a lecture about the hermetic symbolism in Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.  Also highly recommended....

The Corpus Hermeticum

Below you can hear an almost two-hour-long lecture by Manly P. Hall explaining The Corpus Hermeticum.  It's highly recommended....

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SAIC in Antarctica

Here's a brief passage from p. 257 of my book CHAMELEO:  "SAIC's [Science Applications International Corporation's] headquarters is now in McLean, VA.  On 9-27-13 SAIC changed its name to LEIDOS, then spun off its IT Services Division into a new company that retained the name SAIC."

Here's a further update regarding SAIC's latest program (based in Antarctica of all places), taken directly from LEIDOS' own website:

"The program goals include:  understanding the region and how its ecosystems depend on the polar environment; understanding its effects on (and responses to) global processes such as climate; and using the region as a platform for fundamental research in every scientific discipline.  Antarctica's remoteness and extreme climate make it a unique and natural laboratory environment  [emphasis mine--RG]."

Indeed!  John W. Campbell, author of the Antarctica-based 1938 short story upon which the film THE THING (all three versions) were based, would no doubt agree.... 

To read more, click HERE.

(Thanks to Chris Wolford for the tip!)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Stanislaw Szukalski and the Human-Yeti War

Below you will find an informative video about the peculiar and transcendent works of visionary artist Stanislaw Szukalski, author of the classic cryptoscatological book BEHOLD!!! THE PROTONG:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Bilderbergers in Virginia

From a 6-1-17 article entitled "Secretive Bilderberg Group Meetings Begin in Virginia":

"A secretive group of elite power brokers is meeting in the US state of Virginia for closed-door discussions over four days.

"The Bilderberg Meetings have 131 participants from 21 countries in Europe and North America, the group said in a press release.

"A couple of top advisers to President Donald Trump are to attend the forum, 30 miles (48km) from the White House.

"The shadowy group is a lightning rod for conspiracy theorists.

"This year's group includes Mr Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, his National Security Adviser HR McMaster and Peter Thiel, the billionaire Paypal creator who has been a vocal supporter of the president.

"At the top of the group's 13-point agenda is 'The Trump administration:  A progress report.'"

To read the article in its entirety, click HERE.