Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, La Carcagne

Not many people are aware that the American holiday called Thanksgiving is often marked by the mysterious appearance of an elusive cryptozoological beast known only as "La Carcagne."  For at least the past fifty years, usually near the end of November, this gigantic winged creature has been sighted in the skies above North America (particularly where Canada borders the United States).  Dozens of witnesses over the years have insisted that this legendary monster is "as big as a battleship."  In French Canadian folklore, its appearance is believed to be a harbinger of imminent death.  The first authentic photograph of this enigmatic being was taken by an American named Fred F. Sears in June of 1957.  Since this photograph had been seldom seen outside rare archives stored within hermetically sealed vaults located thousands of feet beneath Langley, Virginia, I have decided to reproduce the photograph here for your illumination:

We here at wish "La Carcagne" a very happy Thanksgiving, indeed....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Memoriam: Lee Harvey Oswald R.I.P. (1939-1963)

“If Oswald was working for the FBI, it could explain many things […].  It […] might explain a well-documented instance of the FBI destroying evidence after the assassination.  In August 1975, the Dallas Times Herald reported it had recently learned that two weeks before the JFK assassination, Oswald had delivered a note to the Dallas FBI office and that the note had been destroyed after the assassination.  This story prompted an investigation by the Justice Department and eventually became the center of hearings before a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee.

“It is now certain that two to three weeks prior to the assassination, Oswald came to the Dallas FBI office and asked a receptionist to see Agent [James] Hosty.  When told Hosty was not in, Oswald left a note.  The receptionist, Nancy Fenner, noted that Oswald asked for ‘S.A. [Special Agent] Hosty… [in] exactly those words.’  It’s surprising that Oswald would be so familiar with Bureau jargon.  Years later Fenner recalled the note said something like:  ‘Let this be a warning.  I will blow up the FBI and the Dallas Police Department if you don’t stop bothering my wife—Lee Harvey Oswald.’

“Hosty, who said he was told not to mention the note at the time of the assassination, said the note was not violent in tone and that it said something like:  ‘If you have anything you want to learn about me, come talk to me directly.  If you don’t cease bothering my wife, I will take appropriate action and report this to the proper authorities.’

“Hosty also said the note was folded and expressed doubts that Fenner had read it properly.
“He said that within hours of the assassination, he was called into the office of the special-agent-in-charge, J. Gordon Shanklin.  Hosty said Shanklin was visibly ‘agitated and upset’ and wanted to know about the Oswald note.

“After Oswald had been killed, Shanklin again called in Hosty.  Hosty said Shanklin produced the Oswald note from his desk drawer and said, ‘Oswald’s dead now.  There can be no trial.  Here, get rid of this.’  As Hosty tore up the note, Shanklin cried:  ‘No!  Get it out of here.  I don’t even want it in this office.  Get rid of it!’  Hosty said he took the pieces of note to a nearby restroom and ‘flushed it down the drain.’

“Before the House subcommittee, Shanklin denied any knowledge of the Oswald note.  But assistant FBI director William Sullivan said Shanklin had discussed an ‘internal problem’ concerning a message from Oswald with him and that the presence of the note was common knowledge at FBI headquarters.

“Another Dallas agent, Kenneth Howe, also testified he showed Shanklin the Oswald note the weekend of the assassination.  Existence of the note also was talked about among some members of the Dallas Police Department.

“Mrs. Ruth Paine even mentioned that Oswald had dropped off a note to the FBI in her testimony to the Warren Commission in 1964.  She told the Commission:  ‘[Oswald] told me he had stopped at the downtown office of the FBI and tried to see the agents and left a note…’

“Why then did the Bureau only acknowledge the existence of the note after media reports in 1975?  The House Select Committee on Assassinations said the incident concerning the note was a ‘serious impeachment of Shanklin’s and Hosty’s credibility,’ and that with the note’s destruction, ‘it was not possible to establish with confidence what its contents were.’

“It seems unbelievable, however, that the FBI would knowingly destroy evidence, especially if it would have proven Oswald prone to violence.  Some researchers say a more plausible explanation is that Oswald, as an FBI informant, tried to warn the Bureau about the coming assassination [emphasis added—RG].  This could explain the receptionist’s insistence that the note contained threatening words.  It also could explain why the FBI was so concerned and fearful of the note that it was ordered destroyed.”

            The last words of Lee Harvey Oswald, as compiled by the late and lamented JFK assassination researcher Mae Brussell, can be seen by clicking HERE.  They’re well worth reading. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

"The Walk" Now Available in THE MAILER REVIEW Vol. 7, No. 1.

My new short story, "The Walk," has just been published in the latest edition of The Mailer Review (Vol. 7, No. 1, Fall 2013).  Instructions on how to purchase a copy can be found at the website of The Mailer Review by clicking HERE

Since The Mailer Review is a literary journal that has absolutely nothing to do with the shadowy world of conspiracy theories, it's quite synchronistic--from a cryptoscatological perspective, at least--that this particular issue should contain an article by none other than Dick Russell, author of the 1992 book The Man Who Knew Too Much (generally considered to be one of the best and most credible books about the JFK assassination).  Russell's contribution to this issue, "Norman Mailer and the Dynamite Club," is a first-person account of Mailer's fascination with "the mysteries" (Mailer's term, not mine), which apparently included not just the JFK assassination but related government conspiracies as well.  "The Dynamite Club" was a series of informal gatherings that Mailer organized to help further his research into the national security state while working on Harlot's Ghost, his epic 1991 novel about the history of the CIA told from the point of view of a secret agent based loosely on the life and career of James Jesus Angleton, chief of the CIA's counterintelligence staff for over twenty years (from 1954 to 1975).

According to Russell, meetings of the Dynamite Club were attended by such luminaries as Bernard Fensterwald (attorney for James Earl Ray), Jim Hougan (author of Secret Agenda:  Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA), Edward Jay Epstein (author of Legend:  The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald), Kevin Coogan (author of Dreamer of the Day:  Franics Parker Yockey and the Postwar International), Don DeLillo (author of Libra, a novel that focuses on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald), James Grady (author of the espionage novel The Six Days of the Condor), Robert Gettlin (co-author of Silent Coup:  The Removal of a President) and Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.  Dick Russell offers the reader the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of these alcohol-laden meetings.

The cover of the latest issue, drawn by Jules Feiffer, can be seen below....

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Assassination of JFK and the High Cabal

If you want to hear one of the very best analyses of the JFK assassination, you must listen to the following interview with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, author of two groundbreaking books, The Secret Team (1973) and JFK:  The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (1992).  This comprehensive interview, entitled "A Very Special Operation:  The Assassination of JFK and the High Cabal," was conducted by David Ratcliffe in Prouty's home way back on May 8, 1989.  

Prouty, a colonel in the United States Air Force, served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during JFK's presidency, so he had considerable insider knowledge regarding the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to the coup d'├ętat in Dealey Plaza on 11-22-63.  He was also the main inspiration for the fictional informant known as Mr. X, portrayed by Donald Sutherland, in Oliver Stone's film JFK (1991). 

Roy Tuckman, host of the late night Los Angeles radio show Something's Happening (90.7 FM), has made an annual tradition of broadcasting the interview every November for at least twenty years now.  This latest broadcast, from last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, is currently archived at <>.  You can hear the entirety of "The Assassination of JFK and the High Cabal" by clicking HERE.  Scroll down to Something's Happening--A (Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:00 am) and click the "Play" button on the right hand side of the screen.  The Col. Prouty interview begins at approximately 35:00. 


The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Suppressed Episodes

Today, on the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's bloody death in the streets of Dallas, one is certain to be overwhelmed by a plethora of misinformation and disinformation clogging the airwaves and the blogosphere.  This, therefore, would be the ideal time to watch the suppressed episodes of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Nigel Turner's excellent nine-part documentary about the complex web of global events that led to the assassination.  Almost ten years ago, in April of 2004, the History Channel not only withdrew Episodes 7, 8 and 9 from circulation, but went so far as to apologize for airing them in the first place.  The network did this after being threatened with legal action from the surviving family of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Thanks to a miracle called YouTube, however, all three of these banned episodes are now available to be seen again.  I highly recommend watching all nine parts of The Men Who Killed Kennedy, but the following trilogy of suppressed episodes are undoubtedly the best and most dangerous of all.

"Episode 7:  The Smoking Guns" can be seen HERE.

"Episode 8:  The Love Affair" can be seen HERE.

"Episode 9:  The Guilty Men" can be seen HERE.

If you only have time to watch one, I highly recommend "The Guilty Men."  This was the episode that so enraged the likes of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Lady Bird Johnson, Bill Moyers, and Jack Valenti, all of whom did their utmost to sweep the evidence in this documentary not only into the trash bin of the History Channel... but into the trash bin of history itself.

"The past is never dead.  It's not even past."--William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun, 1950

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Improbable Death of MI6 Agent Gareth Williams

I highly recommend reading today's BBC news article about the improbable death of MI6 spy and codebreaker, Gareth Williams.  The police announced earlier today that they are closing the case, having concluded that Williams' unusual death was "probably an accident."  Here's an excerpt from the BBC's 11-13-13 reportage:
"Mr Williams's body was found naked at his flat in Pimlico on 23 August 2010 after colleagues raised concerns for his welfare.

"He had been on a secondment with MI6 from his job as a communications officer at the GCHQ 'listening post' in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

"Police discovered his body inside a zipped-up red sports holdall, in the empty bath of his bathroom.
It had taken a week for MI6 to investigate the code-breaker's disappearance, and a post-mortem examination carried out by a Home Office pathologist failed to determine the cause of death.

"During a seven-day inquest in May 2012, the question of whether Mr Williams could have padlocked himself into a bag in a bath was central.

"Pathologists said he would have suffocated within three minutes if he had been alive when he got inside it.

"None of his DNA was found on the lock attached to the bag and his palm prints were not found on the rim of the bath.

"Coroner Fiona Wilcox concluded that 'most of the fundamental questions in relation to how Gareth died remain unanswered'.

"But she said he was, 'on the balance of probabilities', unlawfully killed.

"At a briefing on Wednesday, the Met Police announced the conclusion of its three-year investigation into the incident.

"Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said he was satisfied it was 'theoretically possible' Mr Williams could have padlocked the bag from the inside, although 'many questions remain unanswered' as to the circumstances of his death.

"But he said there was no evidence that the MI6 officer had intended to take his own life or that his death was connected to his work"

To read the entire BBC article, click HERE.

Four Marines Killed in Camp Pendleton Explosion

Given the maelstrom of conspiratorial strangeness swirling around Camp Pendleton (the Marine base in San Diego that plays such a pivotal role in my "Strange Tales of Homeland Security" article published in Fortean Times #305), I would be hesitant to accept the official story regarding the "accidental" explosion that took the lives of four Marines earlier this morning.  Question:  Who were these Marines and what did they know?  Camp Pendleton has not yet released the identities of these Marines.  I hope to discover more details about this story in the days and weeks to come.

Read Monica Garske and R. Stickney's report about the Camp Pendleton tragedy HERE

Note the intriguing necrology of Camp-Pendleton-related deaths that Garske and Stickney include at the very end of the report.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Way To Go, Daddy

Has the strategic infantalism of America now been fully implemented?  It appears we have reached a point where people have no idea how to resolve the simplest problem--even a minor family conflict--without appealing to a Higher Authority (i.e., a politician, a doctor, a police officer, Big Brother, etc.).  In this latest case, an enraged father made the fatal mistake of trying to teach his teenage son a lesson by calling the cops on him.  Bad idea, Daddy.  To find out what happened as a result of this most unwise appeal to authority, click HERE.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Strange Legacy of Dr. Jekyll

Last night was the culmination of certain risky experiments I have been performing for the past several years inspired by the poorly understood accomplishments of a pioneering visionary named Dr. Henry Jekyll, who (alas) passed away well before his time, somewhere in the West End of London, circa 1885.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of his friend and confidante, attorney Gabriel John Utterson, Dr. Jekyll's research notes were preserved soon after his untimely death.  My connections among highly placed individuals aligned with certain unnamed pharmaceutical companies based in North America allowed me to attain copies of these trailblazing notes some time ago.  Having full access to Dr. Jekyll's nascent efforts to combine the fields of chemistry and psychology, I soon realized how to isolate the predatory nature of man by stimulating the reptilian complex of the brain.  One might think I would wish to isolate this malignant aspect of man's nature in order to eliminate it entirely from the basal ganglia.  This was, from the beginning, my foremost goal; however, my aforementioned associates in the pharmaceutical industry convinced me to alter a minimal amount of ingredients in Dr. Jekyll's original formula in order to file a patent under my own name, and subsequently sell the rights to this unique concoction to the aforementioned pharmaceutical corporation.  This I have now done, and expect to retire on the proceeds very soon indeed.  I have been led to understand that the pharmaceutical company (which must remain anonymous for the time being for obvious legal reasons) has now struck a most lucrative deal with the Science Applications International Corporation, a Virginia-based company that provides engineering and information technology support to the United States military.  I cannot say that I am certain how the military plans to utilize my new formula, but I have no doubt in my mind that this will ultimately lead to beneficial results in our nation's ongoing war against international terrorism.  Thank God for the U.S. military.  Thank God for Big Pharma.  Thank God for Dr. Henry Jekyll, a man whose most vital ideas manifested themselves a full century before their time. 

What follows is photographic evidence of my most recent experiments, as documented by my talented lab assistant, Mrs. Melissa Guffey, ASC, AMC: