Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Four Marines Killed in Camp Pendleton Explosion

Given the maelstrom of conspiratorial strangeness swirling around Camp Pendleton (the Marine base in San Diego that plays such a pivotal role in my "Strange Tales of Homeland Security" article published in Fortean Times #305), I would be hesitant to accept the official story regarding the "accidental" explosion that took the lives of four Marines earlier this morning.  Question:  Who were these Marines and what did they know?  Camp Pendleton has not yet released the identities of these Marines.  I hope to discover more details about this story in the days and weeks to come.

Read Monica Garske and R. Stickney's report about the Camp Pendleton tragedy HERE

Note the intriguing necrology of Camp-Pendleton-related deaths that Garske and Stickney include at the very end of the report.

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