Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jon Rappoport Endorses Cryptoscatology

Earlier today I was gratified to receive this endorsement from investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (who, like Dr. Alan Cantwell, influenced me very early on).  Rappoport is the author of such books as The Secret Behind Secret Societies, Oklahoma City Bombing:  The Suppressed Truth, U.S. Government Mind Control Experiments On Children, AIDS INC., and so many others.  
I first heard Rappoport, completely by chance, on an episode of Mike Hodel's late, lamented Hour 25 radio show on KPFK in Los Angeles.  Rappoport was talking at length about Grace Halsell's excellent book Prophecy & Politics.  As a result, I went out immediately and bought Halsell's book and read it.  From there I followed Rappoport's work over to Roy Tuckman's Something's Happening late night radio show (still on the air to this day) where I heard the groundbreaking AIDS INC. radio series unfold in which Rappoport blew apart the various myths surrounding AIDS long before mainstream media could even comprehend what he was talking about--and they still can't quite comprehend it.  Roundabout 1990, when I was entering college, I bought his first book AIDS INC. and consumed it pretty rapidly.  It's a miletone in genuine investigative journalism.  I remember being impressed that he had interviewed William S. Burroughs for the book (coincidentally, there's a chapter about Burroughs in Cryptoscatology). 

I particularly love Rappoport's book The Secret Behind Secret Societies.  Its odd mixture of memoir and journalism was something I really respected and gravitated toward when I read it upon its publication back in 1998, as my favorite writing has always been that which combines many different forms into one.  The Secret Behind Secret Societies is probably one of the best memoirs I've ever read. 
Here's Rappoport's endorsement in full:
"Robert Guffey's book, CRYPTOSCATOLOGY: CONSPIRACY THEORY AS ART FORM, takes the reader on a fast-moving ride through some of the prominent conspiracy theories of our time. It also hopefully gives birth to a new way of thinking about all arcane knowledge and speculation. The author asserts that myth is at least as important as fact, if we would only realize it, especially since we are inventing the myths that sustain our world view, our strength, and our endless curiosity about what lies beyond the cartoon called Reality."
--Jon Rappoport, author and editor of THE MATRIX REVEALED

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