Friday, January 17, 2014

Captain America Meets Big Brother

My article entitled "Captain America Meets Big Brother," which analyzes the prescient qualities of Jack Kirby's 1970s science fiction comic book OMAC, can be found in the latest issue of John Morrow's excellent magazine, The Jack Kirby Collector (#62).  Kirby's OMAC was a short-lived dystopian comic book series about Buddy Blank, an employee of a multinational corporation called Pseudo-People, Inc., who is chosen by the Global Peace Agency to undergo an experiment that transforms him into a superhuman One Man Army Corps (hence the acronym, "O.M.A.C.").  A scientist named Dr. Myron Forest performs "electronic surgery" on Mr. Blank, which succeeds in connecting Blank, body and soul, with a sentient orbiting satellite known as Brother Eye.  The intimidating symbol on OMAC's chest is the all-seeing eye, symbolizing the fact that a target, once chosen, cannot easily escape OMAC's field of vision.

This darkly humorous superhero saga accurately anticipates the effects of such present day technological trends as "smart bombs" (yes, that's actually what Kirby calls them in the comic book), virtual reality entertainment devices, reconnaissance satellites, genetic and social engineering run amok, and even fantasy sex dolls.  If you're interested in learning more about Kirby's uncanny prognosticative talents, then I urge you to read "Captain America Meets Big Brother."  Simply click HERE to order a copy of The Jack Kirby Collector #62.

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