Saturday, November 1, 2014


Last night I returned home from trick or treating with my daughter to discover a most excellent Halloween present waiting for me in the mailbox:  my contributor copies of the latest issue of FORTEAN TIMES MAGAZINE.  My article "Attack of the Poisonous Mushroom Growth!' is the cover feature of the November 2014 issue (#320).  My article explores the moral panic sparked by the taboo-shattering American horror comic books of the 1950s, postulating that the devastating witch hunt mounted against these comics was nothing more than a clever distraction designed specifically to draw attention away from the real horror stories (i.e., political conspiracies) lurking just beneath the picture-perfect surface of Eisenhower's America.  Rush to your nearest Barnes and Noble (or any other well-stocked newsstand) and pick up your copy of FORTEAN TIMES #320 TODAY!  Tell 'em Ogo the Clown sent ya!

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