Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Greatest X-Mas Present of All!

Announcing the greatest X-mas present of all!  Yes, indeed, friends and enemies, my scintillating second book SPIES AND SAUCERS is now available on Amazon!  This Dec. 25th, why not give the gift of incurable paranoia to your closest friends and family?  The mental and physical strain of receiving SPIES AND SAUCERS as a gift is known to be immediate and dramatic, as documented by several health care professionals in Switzerland and the Ukraine!  As you sit near the fireplace drinking tasty eggnog and hot chocolate with marshmallows, watch in stunned amazement as your parents accuse you of being a foreign secret agent, the local police arrest the family dog for sedition, and your spouse rats you out to Homeland Security in quick succession!  What more could you want this cheery Yuletide season?  Click HERE to order your copies of SPIES AND SAUCERS TODAY!

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