Saturday, February 27, 2016

"The Wedding Photographer" Is Coming Soon!

A few days ago PS Publishing released their latest newsletter in which they announced the imminent publication of POSTSCRIPTS #36/37, which will include my novelette entitled "The Wedding Photographer" (17,300 words).  This final volume of the award-winning anthology series will include stories by such accomplished writers as Brian Aldiss, Paul Di Filippo, and Darrell Schweitzer.  The complete Table of Contents reads as follows:
  • Darkness, and Darkness by Robert Freeman Wexler
  • S.K. by James Cooper
  • A Reverie of Time by Allen Ashley
  • The Wedding Photographer by Robert Guffey
  • Machinists by Andrew Jury
  • The Second Runner by John Grant
  • Surfacing by Lisa L. Hannett
  • In Passing by Robert Reed
  • The Dragons of the Night by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Last Post by Robert Edric
  • Texas by James Cooper
  • Untanglement: The Leaving of the Quantum Cats by John Gribbin
  • Karen Coxswain, or Death as She is Truly Lived by Paul Di Filippo
  • Rewrites by Keith Brooke
  • Everything Finishes by John Grant
  • The Day My Heart Stood Still by Andrew Hook
  • Madam, I’m Adam by Gary Fry
  • In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place by Cate Gardner
  • Happy Sands by Stephen Bacon
  • The Man Without the Blue Balloon and the Woman Who Had Smiles Only for Him by Scott Edelman
  • Bless├ęd by Bruce Golden
  • The Hutchison Boy by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Abundances Above by Brian Aldiss
  • The Beachcomber by Lavie Tidhar
Though no specific publication date has yet been announced, I'm told the book will be will available for purchase very soon indeed.  I'll post all the details as soon as they're announced.  

PS Publishing, by the way, also released my short story "Check" in Allen Ashley's extraordinary 2010 apocalyptic-themed science fiction anthology CATASTROPHIA, my short story "Selections from The Expectant Mother Disinformation Handbook" in POSTSCRIPTS #30/31:  MEMORYVILLE BLUES (2013), and my 2014 book SPIES AND SAUCERS (a collection of three novellas set in the weird world of 1950s America).  All three of these books are still available for purchase from the publisher.

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