Sunday, September 24, 2017


It's time to hop into the Cryptoscatology Wayback Machine and rediscover the groundbreaking research of journalist John A. Keel, author of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, OPERATION TROJAN HORSE, OUR HAUNTED PLANET, and many other visionary books.  Keel was a major influence on many present day writers, including Yours Truly, a postmodern Mark Twain who was regularly producing the experiential reportage later made famous by such "New Journalists" as Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe years before either of those gentlemen began experimenting with the form in the 1960s.  (And one need only read Keel's first book, JADOO, to see the proof of that claim.)  Keel's true impact on twenty-first century literature and pop culture has yet to be fully explored.  

In the meantime, please avail yourself of the wonders of YouTube and get a front row seat for several live Keel presentations, ranging from the late 1960s all the way to the beginning of the twenty-first century.... 

Here's John A. Keel lecturing on March 16th, 1966 about his (then) ongoing Mothman investigation:

Keel's 1989 lecture on "The Men in Black":

Keel lecturing in Sheffield, England, in 1992:

Keel lecturing at FortFest in 1997 about the films he made in the Middle East while researching JADOO:

Various and sundry Keel lectures and TV appearances:

And to wrap it all up, here's Fortean writer Doug Skinner lecturing about Keel's life and career at FortFest in 2002:

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