Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, author of such brilliant books as AIDS INC., THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES, and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, recently wrote the following review of my latest book, UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES:

"If you can handle having your mind twisted six ways from Sunday, REALLY twisted, you'll come out of Guffey's novel with a most unusual clarity of mind and soul.  He takes you on a strange journey and shows you people and places you'd rather not see.  He explodes the Dismal.  We don't get novels like this anymore.  But there it is.  Guffey has thrown caution to the winds.  He gives you the underbelly of this culture, the dregs and the last holdouts.  The nasty, the vicious, and the tender.  You may hate the book, you may love it; I can't say.  It burns."

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