Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan on the War Against the Imagination

"And, in the end, no one ever said anything ever again that could possibly offend anyone, so great was the fear of retribution. It was safer not to speak. No one felt oppressed or triggered ever again. Outrage and offense became a thing of the past, along with comedy and art, literature and casual conversation, film and, for that matter, sex. And there was peace and bland silence and a smothering grey stillness where once there had been a vibrant culture."

The above quote from the award-winning fabulist Caitlin R. Kiernan could easily have been the opening epigraph of my 2014 article "The War Against the Imagination," which can be read right HERE.

By the way, Caitlín Kiernan's 2005 short story collection TO CHARLES FORT, WITH LOVE is a must read for Freaks, Forteans, Cryptoscatologists, and Lovers of High Weirdness Everywhere.  Don't dare miss it!  Click HERE to purchase a copy TODAY!

And Kiernan's online journal, Dear Sweet Filthy World, can be seen HERE

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