Monday, September 10, 2018


As you can see below, the White Rabbit and I have been blown away by Rudy Rucker's new novel, RETURN TO THE HOLLOW EARTH.  My floppy-eared friend and I give Rucker's latest effort in speculative dadaism thirty-three out of five stars!  To discover more information about Rucker's numerous excellent novels, visit the author's website HERE.

And if you want to order a copy of RETURN TO THE HOLLOW EARTH (as well as its mind-bending predecessor, THE HOLLOW EARTH), simply click HERE!

Down a maelstrom with Poe--
to the woomo at the Hollow Earth's core....

Here's Rudy Rucker's Summary of The Hollow Earth & Return to the Hollow Earth:

Suppose Earth is hollow, like a tennis ball. And you're weightless in there! The wondrous Hollow Earth holds jungles, seas, native tribes, flying pigs, killer nautiluses, giant ants, and live flying saucers. Godlike sea cucumbers at the Hollow Earth's core illuminate the great spherical space with branching rays of pink light.
Over twenty years ago I wrote a steampunk novel called The Hollow Earth. And now I'm publishing Return to the Hollow Earth, along with a 3rd edition of The Hollow Earth—lightly revised so that Eddie Poe is able to return for the sequel!
In The Hollow Earth, our young narrator Mason Reynolds leaves his farm, befriends the dissolute Edgar Allan Poe, and falls through a thousand-mile hole in the ice of Antarctica. Astounding adventures in the Hollow Earth ensue. Mason finds Seela, the love of his life. Mason, Seela and Poe make their way back to surface. And then they encounter Poe’s double...
Return to the Hollow Earth is also in the steampunk mode. Starging in Gold Rush San Francisco, Mason and his pregnant wife Seela embark on a return voyage to the Hollow Earth with Edgar Allan Poe, traversing a great maelstrom at the North Pole. The god-like sea cucumbers at the Earth’s core have a startling plan. When Mason and Seela return to the Earth’s surface, they’re in Santa Cruz, California—in the year 2018...

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