Sunday, August 23, 2020

Donald Trump Saved Me from Being Eaten By Underground Demons! (Part 2)

SALON has just published Chapter Two of my multipart exposé about the off-the-deep-end, pro-Trump phenomenon known as "QAnon." Curious about the obscure origins of this weird new religion? If you want to know where the QAnon architects are getting their lunatic ideas, click HERE and THRILL to the quasi-pornographic debauchery of such predatory beasties as the subterranean Dero (courtesy of science fiction writer Richard S. Shaver)! SEE a woman shapeshift into a crocodile and play the piano (courtesy of infamous hoaxer Leo Taxil)! REVEL in the demonic Curse of Baphomet (courtesy of evangelical Christian cartoonist Jack T. Chick)! From 1940s pulp science fiction to 19th-century anti-Masonic propaganda, the true inspirations for Operation QAnon are beginning to be exposed in "The Deep, Twisted Roots of QAnon."

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