Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mysterious Loud Booms

From Hayley Fixler's 1-4-21 FOX 8 News report entitled "Mysterious Loud Booms Shake Local Homes":

Hundreds of people called into the Forsyth County [North Carolina] 911 center this weekend, reporting that they felt an explosion.

The dispatch center was overwhelmed with calls. 

Those four loud “booms” were heard both Saturday and Sunday in different areas in the Triad. The source is still a mystery.

“[We’re] Lewisville and there was just... just now two huge explosions,” said one person who called into the 911 center in Forsyth County. 

“We’re all out here. The whole neighborhood felt two large booms,” said another caller.

The explosion noises were heard and felt across different parts of Forsyth, Guilford, Rockingham, Surry, Davie, Stokes and Randolph Counties. 

“The fourth time, I was like ‘oh my lord,” recalled Randolph County resident Donna Greene. “I was beside it, and it rattled. It rattled the fireplace.”

It rattled her too. 

The “booms” broke the Saturday night silence and then again on Sunday afternoon.

“I didn’t hear about the Saturday booms until I made the [Facebook] post. [People] said they were hearing it in this area on Saturday too,” said Faye Potts, who lives in Reidsville. “[My neighbors] said they could hear it as well. It rattled the dishes.”

The mystery sound shocked a lot of people across the Triad as they tried to guess what those noises could be.

“I assumed it was tannerite or something,” Potts said.

“I’m thinking it was military doing maneuvers. I really do think that,” Greene said.

Even the experts don’t have a concrete explanation....

To read the entire report, click HERE.

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