Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Skylaire Alfvegren, R.I.P. (1977-2021)

On August 28, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman reported the following sad news regarding writer Skylaire Alfvegren:

Skylaire Alfvegren called herself a “gonzo journalist and a Fortean explorer.” Lots of folks knew her as a smiling person hiding terrible pain, joyful happiness, and deep questions, who was always willing, it seems, to get her photo taken with fellow Forteans. Skylaire Alfvegren has died tragically, at the age of 44, and many of us are in shock [...].

To read the rest of Loren's obit for Skylaire, click HERE.

Though I didn't know Skylaire personally, I communicated with her via email from time to time. I could tell she was a bright, creative, and enthusiastic researcher. She went out of her way to let me know early on how much she enjoyed reading my first book, CRYPTOSCATOLOGY, an endorsement for which I was grateful at a time when very few people had discovered the book. Her sudden death at such a young age is quite distressing, particularly since we can't afford to lose even a single devoted Fortean researcher at a time when the world appears to be devolving into a place that's increasingly hostile to questioning minds. R.I.P., Skylaire. You will be missed....

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