Saturday, September 11, 2021

Jonathan Vankin on CONSPIRINORMAL

Recommended Listening: Check out Adam Sayne and Serfeil Stevenson's 9-1-21 CONSPIRINORMAL interview with Jonathan Vankin, author of CONSPIRACIES, COVER-UPS and CRIMES, THE WORLD'S GREATEST CONSPIRACIES, and (his most recent book) CLOSE TO ZERO. Here's Sayne and Stevenson's description of the episode:

We welcome first time guest Jonathan Vankin to the show to discuss his new book "Close To Zero: How Donald Trump Fulfilled His Apocalyptic Vision and Paid His Debt to Putin With a Devastating Biological Warfare Attack on America." We examine what Trump knew about Covid and how he may have allowed it to run rampant to fulfill his own Apocalyptic vision. We also discuss the craziness that is the Conspiracy world today and what it means for the future.

You can contact Jonathan Vankin and get his books at his website.

Conspirinormal 381- Jonathan Vankin (Close to Zero)

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