Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Ministry of Truth Makes Boston Bombing Suspect Disappear" by Jon Rappoport

Further cutting-edge observations about the Boston bombing, courtesy of investigative journalist Jon Rappoport....

Here are the first few paragraphs of Rappoport's 4-25-13 blog entry, followed by a link to the full article:

"Ministry of Truth Makes Boston Bombing Suspect Disappear" by Jon Rappoport:

The boy. Abdul Rahman Alharbi. He was here, then he wasn’t.

He was featured in major stories, then he wasn’t.

The Ministry of Truth (controlled media) has no further concerns.

For a few hours, Alharbi was the prime suspect in the Boston bombing. Then he was a person of interest.

Then he was no longer a person of interest, he was severely burned and in the hospital.

Then Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud. Obama met with Saud, too, and with the Saudi ambassador.

Then Alharbi became a witness who wasn’t severely burned. He’d received minor injuries.

Then DHS took away his travel visa and prepared to deport him.

Then, poof.

Where is he? Was he deported?

No one seems to know.

Since 2009, though, and long before Michelle Obama visited him in a Boston hospital a few days ago, Alharbi had been to the White House seven times. On several occasions, those visits lasted several hours….

Read Rappoport’s entire article by clicking HERE.

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