Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Schizophrenia or Mind Control?

If Walter Bowart (author of Operation Mind Control) were alive today, he definitely would have been interested in the following story from today's Los Angeles Times.  In an article entitled "Costa Mesa Man Blew Himself Up, Police Believe," Lauren Williams and Joseph Serna report:

"Local police and FBI agents looked for answers — and explosives — in a Costa Mesa home Monday after [Kevin Harris, 52] apparently blew himself up in a blast that shocked the quiet, suburban neighborhood where he lived alone.

"Authorities who searched the scene said they found at least two explosive devices in the modest one-story home and detonated them, and they later discovered a rambling and worrisome 17,000-word essay online expressing a deep fear of government [...].

"The essay, titled 'The Pricker: A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism and High Treason,' includes references to aliens, the O.J. Simpson trial, the U.S. government and 'the pricker,' which it describes as 'an assassin's weapon that deposits biological agents into a victim's skin, on contact, without their knowledge.'

"Throughout the paper, the author — identifying himself as Harris — expresses belief that the U.S. government and its allies control the flow of information to the public and assassinate dissenters through freak accidents and diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

"The essay claimed that the government was behind the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and John Lennon, the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the death of Righteous Brothers singer Bobby Hatfield.

"Family members described Harris as a brilliant and gentle person who had never expressed an interest in explosives or weaponry.

"Carol Harris, his 82-year-old mother, said he had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, possibly schizophrenia.

"She said that she hadn't seen her son in three years. She lives in Nevada and said that the last time they spoke, he told her was disconnecting his phone because he was getting unwanted calls. She said he didn't work and refused to let anyone enter his home.

"'He was a very gentle person,' she said.

Mark Harris, 57, said his brother was the youngest of five boys, and although the others were smart and high achieving — one is a professor, another a pharmacist — Kevin was the smartest.

"For us it's very troubling that he ended this way," Mark Harris said. "How he got off on his ideas on what you might call conspiracy theories … it's always been troubling to anybody who knows him because he's so smart."

Kevin Harris' home, practically hidden behind tall bushes and trees, was wrapped in foil, and when authorities entered, it was hard to see because all the windows had been covered, police said."

You can read the entire report by clicking HERE.

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