Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Michael Hastings Update

For an intriguing update on the death of journalist Michael Hastings, read Paul Joseph Watson's 7-17-13 article entitled "Michael Hastings' Body Cremated Against Family's Wishes."  Here's a brief excerpt:

"Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ body was cremated against his family’s wishes, destroying potential evidence that could have contradicted the explanation that he died as a result of an accident, according to San Diego 6 reporter Kimberly Dvorak.

"Hastings was killed in the early hours of June 18 in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles when his Mercedes crashed into a tree at high speed and exploded into flames, sparking theories that the journalist, who was working on a major exposé of the CIA, could have been assassinated."

Read the entire article by clicking HERE.

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