Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Museum Called Reality" and "The Covert Op Called Democracy"

Jon Rappoport's still on fire these days.  Here are links to two recent Rappoport posts, both of which are outstanding.  To read "The Covert Op Called Democracy" (7-19-13) simply click HERE.  To read "The Museum Called Reality" (7-9-13) click HERE.  The first piece is one of the most lucid and concise summations of our current political situation you could ever possibly come across, and in a perfect world the second piece would be included in the next Year's Best American Short Stories.  "The Museum Called Reality" reminds me of the very best of Manly P. Hall's illuminating metaphysical parables, such as "The Emerald Tablet," collected in Hall's 1925 short story collection SHADOW FORMS (a high compliment indeed!).

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