Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Stately Ghosts of England

Another entry in our special cryptoscatological Halloween roundup….

"Ghosts inhabit four out of five of England's historic houses."

I bet you didn't know that.  And neither did I until I saw The Stately Ghosts of England, an obscure and fascinating--on various levels at once--television documentary from 1965 featuring actress Margaret Rutherford (most famous for her portrayal of Agatha Christie's venerable detective, Miss Marple) and "society clairvoyant" (yes, I know, it's good work if you can get it) Tom Corbett as they tool about the British countryside in a vintage convertible in search of "the stately ghosts of England" ...all of it "brought to you in LIVING COLOR on NBC!"  The entire documentary can be seen on YouTube in five parts, all of which are highly recommended by several prominent ectoplasmic beings in this dimension and elsewhere.  Part One can be seen by clicking HERE.

It's worth noting that The Stately Ghosts of England was produced, written and directed by Frank DeFelita, who would later write the supernatural novel The Entity as well as the screenplay adaptation that eventually became Sidney J. Furie's 1982 film The Entity starring Barbara Hershey.  According to DeFelita, his novel was based on the real life haunting of a California woman named Doris Bither who lived in a small bungalow in Culver City, California during the most harrowing of her poltergeist experiences.  The actual incidents that gave birth to The Entity can be read about in detail by clicking HERE, which will guide you to the personal website of veteran paranormal investigator, Dr. Barry Taft, author of the book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below (and, as you may recall, the subject of our previous Halloween entry).

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