Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The True Purpose of the Edward Snowden Story

"...the slow-drip method of releasing [the Edward] Snowden files is quite useful. It appears to be a smart journalistic strategy, to 'keep the issue before the public so that a true debate about government secrecy and spying can take place.'

"But the debate isn’t effective. The NSA isn’t being curbed. If one of its channels of snooping is cut back, another one will emerge.

"No, the actual op is: keep reminding people they’re being spied on; that will make them more cautious; that will make make them conform in action, speech, and thought.

"That’s the goal. And in that sense, it doesn’t really matter whether the NSA is blanketing the populace with its programs. It only matters that people believe it’s happening."

--Jon Rappoport, "The Story the Washington Post Won't Print," 3-24-14

To read the entirety of this extremely important article, simply click HERE.

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