Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tessa B. Dick & Robert Guffey on YouTube

Back in the fall of last year, Tessa B. Dick (wife of the late Philip K. Dick) interviewed me on her radio show, ANCIENT OF DAYS.  Over the course of an information-packed hour we discussed conspiracies of all sorts:  mind control, gangstalking, science fiction as propaganda, psychological warfare, alien abductions, black helicopters, Men-in-Black, new breakthroughs in invisibility technology, and Phil Dick himself.  That interview is now available to be heard in its entirety on YouTube.  To journey back in time to October 7, 2013, simply click HERE (I enter the show at around 26:00).

By the way, Tessa Dick is the author of two thought-provoking memoirs, PHILIP K. DICK:  REMEMBERING FIREBRIGHT and MY LIFE ON THE EDGE OF REALITY.  You can purchase these books by clicking HERE.  Both are HIGHLY recommended!

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