Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dead Bankers and CIA Agents Are Raining from the Sky

From Bill Gertz's 4-4-14 Washington Free Beacon article entitled "CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide":

"A senior CIA official has died in an apparent suicide this week from injuries sustained after jumping off a building in northern Virginia, according to sources close to the CIA.
"CIA spokesman Christopher White confirmed the death and said the incident did not take place at CIA headquarters in McLean, Va.
“'We can confirm that there was an individual fatally injured at a facility where agency work is done,' White told the Washington Free Beacon. 'He was rushed to a local area hospital where he subsequently died. Due to privacy reasons and out of respect for the family, we are not releasing additional information at this time.'
"A source close to the agency said the man who died was a middle manager and the incident occurred after the man jumped from the fifth floor a building in Fairfax County."
(To read Gertz's entire story, click HERE.)

It's important to note that this tragedy occurs only a few weeks after a foreign exchange trader also took a fatal plunge from the top of a thirty-story building in Hong Kong, just one in a series of recent "suicides" among investment bankers linked to JP Morgan.  (Click HERE to read the entire Bangkok Post news report about the premature death of 33-year-old Li Jie.) 

Just a few weeks before Jie's death, 39-year-old banker Gabriel Magee ostensibly threw himself from the roof of JP Morgan's headquarters in London.  (To read further about the suspicious circumstances surrounding Magee's death, click HERE.)

It's also important to note the not-so-secret ties between JP Morgan and the Central Intelligence Agency.  Consider this information from Ron Baitley-Simens' 3-16-14 Neon Nettle article entitled "JP Morgan/CIA Links Raise the Stakes Over Suspicious Banker Deaths":

"Late last year, the U.S. magazine Newsweek reported on the close links between JP Morgan, which has been proven to have been involved in all sorts of financial fraud in recent months, and the National Resources Division, a reported front organisation for the CIA.  

"Describing the group as the 'biggest little CIA shop you’ve never heard of', [Newsweek reporter, Jeff] Stein went on to say that NRD operatives 'cultivate their own sources on Wall Street, [...] recruiting companies to provide cover for CIA operations abroad.'

"[Stein's article] cited the case of Thomas Higgins, a Managing Director and Global Head of Operational Control for JP Morgan.  Higgins was previously the Senior Officer and Station Chief in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, a component of which is the National Resources Division. 

"Higgins’ bio is printed in past brochures of the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, where Higgins is listed with his JP Morgan job title, former CIA job title, and as a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors for 2013.

"According to a LinkedIn profile, Bud Cato, a Regional Security Manager for JP Morgan Chase, worked for the CIA in foreign clandestine operations from 1982 to 1995; then went to work for The Coca-Cola Company until 2001; then back to the CIA as an Operations Officer in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle East countries until he joined JP Morgan in 2011.

"The Newsweek article quotes sources who say that JP Morgan's 'intimate relations with top U.S. corporate executives willing to have their companies fronting for the CIA invites trouble at home and abroad.'

"It may be that at least one of the banker deaths at JP Morgan is the 'trouble' resulting from those 'intimate relations'."

To read Baitley-Simens' entire article, click HERE.  

To read Jeff Stein's 11-14-13 Newsweek article, "The Biggest Little CIA Shop You've Never Heard Of," click HERE.     


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