Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Operation Hollywood

What follow are the opening paragraphs of Mark Riffee's 9-16-15 WIRED.COM article entitled "CIA Pitches Scripts to Hollywood":
"Are you an aspiring filmmaker who wants to produce a spy thriller? Well, you’re in luck because the CIA has a pile of script ideas lying around.
"Ironic, you say, that an organization known for secrecy is doling out helpful hints to Hollywood? The CIA doesn’t think so. For them it’s all about image control. And they’re just the start of it. The Department of Defense and just about every branch of the military has an entertainment industry liaison similar to the CIA’s."
To read Riffee's entire article, click HERE.

Further information about this under-discussed topic can be found in David L. Robb's eye-opening 2004 book entitled OPERATION HOLLYWOOD:  HOW THE PENTAGON SHAPES AND CENSORS THE MOVIES.

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