Monday, February 23, 2015

John A. Keel's The Invisible Diet

Any day on which I learn about the release of a John Keel book I've never heard of before is a very good day indeed!  Click HERE to order New Saucerian Books' most recent publication, The Invisible Diet by the late journalist, John A. Keel (author of one my favorite Fortean books of all time, The Mothman Prophecies).  According to the publisher, The Invisible Diet is a "suppressed classic" in which Keel "shares classified health secrets rumored to have been developed by either the CIA or NSA, specifically for their agents in the field.  In these pages, Keel provides forbidden advice on how to:  lose weight unnoticed; quit smoking; say goodbye to your dentist and doctor; improve cognitive ability and focus; grow spiritually; have more sex; and generally avoid surveillance."

The Keel-centric website, John Keel:  Not an Authority on Anything, provides further information about the pedigree of this lost Keel volume right HERE.

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