Monday, March 9, 2015

Jon Rappoport Endorses CHAMELEO!

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (author of THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES, AIDS INC., and numerous other brilliant and incendiary books) has volunteered the following blurb for CHAMELEO:

"If you want to read an impossible but true story, this is the one.  Funny, weird, crazy, factual, disturbing.  Unique.  Invisible midgets are just the beginnings of the trouble.  Author Guffey somehow keeps it all together, when other writers would have laid down their swords, wept, and gone into deep narcosis.  This is Edward Snowden meets William Burroughs meets The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The Creature is the psychotic asshole electronic agent of the Monolithic State, shooting holograms from the hip."

If an award called "The Best Blurb of 2015" existed, this would definitely take home the Top Prize.  

You can visit Rappoport's blog by clicking HERE.

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