Friday, May 15, 2015

Stripper v. Senator

It's QUIZ TIME, kids!  Instructions:  Read the following excerpts from Jenny Kutner's 5-13-15 Salon article entitled "Texas Stripper Requests Police Protection from Conservative Christian State Senator," then answer the postgraduate quiz question below:
"Cynthia Lynn Ortiz [an Oklahoma woman who works as a dancer at a 'gentlemen’s club'] filed a handwritten request for [a] protective order in Creek County, Oklahoma, where she claims she moved after [Republican State Senator Charles] Perry began stalking her in 2010.  Ortiz says she met the lawmaker at a Lubbock, Texas Republican Women’s event in 2009, but later relocated to Denton, Texas, and then to Oklahoma, when he would not leave her alone.  According to the protective order request — of which Ortiz posted a photo on Twitter — Perry recruited acquaintances to help him keep tabs on the woman.
"'I could not go outside without one coming to watch especially if I was on the phone,' Ortiz’s request states.  'A man in a brown truck would follow me everywhere I went.'
"Ortiz also claims the lawmaker hacked her computer, interfered with her relationships and her work, vandalized her car and installed surveillance cameras in her home, according to The Oklahoman."
Question:  In 21st century America, is it more reasonable to assume that A) a stripper in Oklahoma is suffering from acute paranoia or that B) a right-wing Christian Senator in Texas has access to a vast network of gang stalking perps who would not hesitate to plant covert surveillance cameras in the private residence of a U.S. citizen, vandalize said individual's automobile, disrupt said individual's relationships at work and elsewhere, and hack into said individual's personal computer?
If your answer was B, kids, give yourself a gold star!
If your answer was A, you may review your grade by clicking HERE.
And if you would like to read Ms. Kutner's entire article, simply click HERE.

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