Monday, May 4, 2015

The Gods of Appeasement and Cowardice

In this brave new world known as the 21st century, it's heartening to see that not everyone has chosen to kneel down before the Gods of Appeasement and Cowardice.  I highly recommend reading these three very important articles....

First, from the 4-29-15 edition of The Spectator, comes Nick Cohen's "Charlie Hebdo:  The Literary Indulgence of Murder."

Next, from the 5-3-15 edition of The New York Times, comes Andrew R. Chow's "After Protest Over Award, Neil Gaiman and Art Spiegelman Agree to Be Table Hosts at PEN GALA."

And lastly, from the 5-4-15 edition of the L.A. Times, comes David L. Ulin's "Why I Didn't Sign the Charlie Hebdo Protest Letter."

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