Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DARPA's Improv

From Sean Gallagher's 3-11-16 Ars Technica article entitled "If You Can Turn a Vacuum into an Improvised Weapon, DARPA May Want Your Help":

"In an effort to understand the kinds of improvised weapons, devices, and systems that could be used against U.S. forces in the field today, the Defense Research Projects Agency's Defense Science Office is preparing for an alternative sort of 'improv' performance. DARPA is inviting researchers, developers, and hardware-hacking hobbyists to join in, and the goal of the planned jam session is to discover ways that off-the-shelf commercial technology could be modified to be used against the military by its adversaries.

"The U.S. military has dealt with a wide range of improvised weapons and tools in the hands of adversaries over the past decade, including cell phone activated improvised explosives, off-the-shelf software used to intercept drone video feeds, and USB drives laden with malware that ran rampant on computer networks in Afghanistan. Today there's growing concern about how commercial and consumer drone and robotics technology, Internet-of-Things devices, and other burgeoning technology could be used to spy on, harass, impede, or even kill members of the military."

To read Gallagher's entire article, click HERE.

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