Thursday, March 24, 2016

Uber Driver Blames App for Mass Shootings

Here's a brief excerpt from Jeff Karoub's 3-18-16 article entitled "Man Charged in Michigan Shootings:  Uber App Took Him Over":

"A man charged with fatally shooting six people in southwestern Michigan interspersed with his stints as an Uber driver told investigators he was being controlled by the ride-hailing app through his cellphone, police said Monday.
"According to a police report, Jason Dalton told authorities after the Feb. 20 shootings in and around Kalamazoo that 'it feels like it is coming from the phone itself' and told of something 'like an artificial presence,' the report said [...]."
To read Karoub's entire report, click HERE.
Now here's a brief excerpt from the BBC's 3-14-16 article entitled "Kalamazoo Shootings:  Uber Driver Blames App":
"'When I logged onto [the Uber app], it started making me feel like a puppet,' Mr. Dalton told investigators.
"He claims that the smartphone program told him to kill his victims [...].
"According to documents released on Monday, Mr. Dalton said the horned cow head of a devil would appear on his phone screen and give him an assignment.
"One of the investigators wrote in the report: 'I asked Dalton what made him get his gun tonight, and he said the Uber app made him.''

To read the BBC's entire report, click HERE.

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