Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The latest volume of POSTSCRIPTS, which contains my novella "The Wedding Photographer" (17,300 words), arrived on my doorstep earlier today.  POSTSCRIPTS #36/37:  THE DRAGONS OF THE NIGHT also contains stories by Brian Aldiss, Paul Di Filippo, Darrell Schweitzer, Lavie Tidhar and many others.  Purchase a copy from PS Publishing by clicking HERE

PS Publishing, by the way, also released my 2014 collection of novellas, SPIES & SAUCERS, still available for purchase (click HERE for ordering info).

Spies and Saucers [Hardcover] Robert Guffey

"Robert Guffey’s book Spies and Saucers presents three novellas about UFOs, Men in Black, strange creatures and even stranger occurrences.  These tales are set in the '50s, but they sound as fresh as any modern story of UFOs and strange creatures.  Reading in bed or right before bed is not recommended for the faint of heart."
--Tessa B. Dick, author of Philip K. Dick:  Remembering Firebright and My Life on the Edge of Reality

"Robert Guffey’s Spies and Saucers is an unforgettable experience.  In this book, the three tales are distinct and yet also have clear thematic relationships to one another, all evoking an insightful view of the wonders and the fears of America in the '50s.  They also draw upon a rich array of pop culture, ranging from B-horror movies like The Devil Bat (1940) with Bela Lugosi to Irish folklore and the golden age of science fiction novels.

"These allusions enriched both occasions I’ve read Spies and Saucers (thankfully I have a hardback, as I’ll be returning to it again in the near future).  At the same time, I don’t believe knowledge of the various films and books to which Guffey refers is necessary, no more so than it is for reading and loving Thomas Pynchon.

"Spies and Saucers is thoughtful--at times dark, at times darkly humorous--but always enjoyable.

"Along with Cormac McCarthy, Guffey is my favorite modern fiction writer.  Spies and Saucers provides ample proof as to why I feel that way.”
--Gary D. Rhodes, author of The Perils of Moviegoing in America

"Robert Guffey is a writer of the first rank.  He is more.  He makes strange landscapes and people come alive in ways that remind the reader that, yes, this world is strange.  The three novellas in Spies and Saucers will shake up your soul and make you laugh, even if you don't want to.  You'll walk in his characters' shoes as they try to cope with exceedingly bent realities, and you'll know why winning and losing are only a part of a much larger and more surreal Weird that has taken over society.  Guffey makes his work look easy, but it isn't.  He's a magician.  He has the ineffable touch." 
--Jon Rappoport, author of The Secret Behind Secret Societies

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