Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shared Responsibility Committees (AKA Gangstalking)

CHAMELEO readers will definitely want to check out the following Federal Bureau of Investigation document that defines the primary objectives of what the FBI calls a "Shared Responsibility Committee."  Using the most bureaucratic, Orwellian, Cover Your Ass language possible, the document lays out the goals and obligations of gangstalking.  Here are the first three paragraphs of the document:

"Dear [list members of SRC]:

"We welcome your interest in participating in a Shared Responsibility Committee (SRC).  The FBI uses the term SRC to refer to multi-disciplinary groups voluntarily formed in local communities--at the initiative of the group and sometimes with the encouragement of the FBI--to which the FBI may agree to refer potentially violent extremists for intervention so long as the SRC operates consistent with the principles and expectations set out below.  This letter provides additional information on these principles and our role in referring individuals to an SRC.  Through this letter we hope to ensure you are fully aware of the FBI's role as a referring entity in the intervention process, as well as potential outcomes and risk so that you can make informed decisions about whether to participate in the SRC.

"The primary goals of an SRC intervention is disengagement.  Disengagement is defined as the social and psychological process whereby an individual's commitment to violence is reduced to such an extent that he/she is no longer at risk of using violence as a solution to a grievance.  It is not the role or goal of the SRC to influence an individual's core political or religious beliefs.

"The FBI's primary objectives in referring an individual to the SRC are to enable community partners to develop community-led multidisciplinary solutions and to build community resilience and foster greater community trust, while also fulfilling the FBI's national security and public safety responsibilities.  The FBI is not a member of the SRC."

To read the entire FBI document, click HERE.

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