Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Transcending Reality

Despite suffering from a debilitating head cold, I successfully completed my first television interview yesterday.  I once saw an interview with Patton Oswalt in which the comedian commented on a paranormal phenomenon he calls "stage health."  "Stage health" is the exact opposite of stage fright.  Despite being sick, one's symptoms inexplicably vanish during the small window required to get the job done, whatever the job happens to be.  In this case I managed to tape an hour-long episode of a new television show called Transcending Reality (produced by Ivolve TV).  Imagine if The View revolved around Weird Shit/High Strangeness and you would have Transcending Reality.  The show is hosted by Lorien Fenton, Melinda Leslie (who plays an important role in my book Chameleo), Miesha Johnston, and Skye.  I'm told the first episode will debut early in November.  Watch for it!

Here I am in the Green Room waiting for the interview to begin...

And here's my McLuhanesque simulacrum....  

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