Friday, September 16, 2016

"What's At the End of Main Street?" in NEW DAWN #158

The most recent issue of New Dawn Magazine (No. 158, September/October 2016) includes Part One of my epic three-part series entitled "What's At the End of Main Street?:  The Struggle Between the Artificial and the Real in Recent Gnostic Cinema," in which I analyze key examples of "Gnostic Cinema" (i.e., films that explore the illusory nature of reality within a fictional framework) ranging from Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Jr. in 1924 to Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook in 2014.  New Dawn, of course, is available from any well-stocked newsstand NEAR YOU; however, if you wish to summon a copy through the aether, feel free to order the latest issue by clicking HERE.  

By the way, this particular issue also includes an illuminating article by Richard Smoley (author of the recent book, How God Became God) entitled "The Mystery of the Seven Seals:  Seven Spheres, Planetary Archons, & Corruption on High," which begins as follows:

"The New Testament is probably the most widely read book in the world.  And yet it is also a book that is mysterious, and, at best, not fully understood.  In some cases, this is because what the churches teach today no longer corresponds with what the New Testament says.  This is the case with the nature and person of Jesus.  

"In other instances, it is not so much that the teaching has been changed, but lost completely.

"This is true of the early Christian view of cosmology.  It is peppered throughout the New Testament but has been completely overlooked or forgotten.  The result is that many parts of the text are baffling or incomprehensible today."
Smoley's article is also worth the price of admission....

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