Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Little Humans and Giant Gods" in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #70

The latest issue of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR (No. 70, Winter 2017) was just released yesterday and includes my lengthy article entitled "Little Humans & Giant Gods:  The Extraterrestrial Tiki Art of Jack Kirby," which examines the little-known connections between Jack Kirby's Tiki-themed short stories and the work of ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, author of the nonfiction bestsellers, KON-TIKI (1948) and AKU-AKU (1957). 

This same issue also includes a thought-provoking article entitled "Spider-man:  The Case for Kirby" by the late Stan Taylor, who argues that the primary creator of Spider-man was neither Stan Lee nor Steve Ditko, but Kirby.  You can purchase a copy of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #70 right HERE or at a well-stocked comic book store near you.

A brief but important correction:  Due to an unfortunate error on the part of the magazine's editor, a crucial sentence was left out of "Little Humans & Giant Gods."  When you read the article, please know that the following sentence should have appeared at the top of p. 21:  "Kirby’s independence when it came to the creation of his comic book stories is explicated by Kirby biographer Mark Evanier, author of the 2008 book, Kirby:  King of Comics, in his introduction to the 2011 archival book, The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume One."  

Do keep in mind that the first three paragraphs on p. 21 were written by Mark Evanier, not Yours Truly.  Due to the absence of the above sentence, and the fact that the paragraphs aren't formatted any differently than the rest of the article, one might conclude that I'm attempting to appropriate Evanier's words without proper attribution.  So please perform the above editing in your brain when you reach p. 21....

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