Friday, February 3, 2017

The Tenth Anniversary Issue of THE MAILER REVIEW Is Now Available!

The Tenth Anniversary Issue of The Mailer Review (Vol. 10 No. 1 Fall 2016) is now available for purchase.  The latest issue includes my short story, "Destroy All Monsters" (5,900 words).  Though it can be read as a standalone story, "Destroy All Monsters" is also an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Until the Last Dog Dies, which will be released by Night Shade/Skyhorse in November of 2017.  

This issue of The Mailer Review includes "The Collision," the first story written by Norman Mailer when he was only ten years old.  In his introduction to this story, biographer and archivist J. Michael Lennon (author of Norman Mailer:  A Double Life) mentions the following fascinating tidbit about another work of fiction written by Mailer at around that same time:  "Working in his second-floor bedroom at 555 Crown Street during the winter of 1933-34, Mailer wrote his most important juvenile work, 'The Martian Invasion,' a 35,000-word science fiction novel which had one root in the Buck Rogers radio show, and a second in the Princess of Mars book by Edgar Rice Burroughs."  The Martian Invasion by Norman Mailer?!?  Throw in a painted pulp cover by Ed Valigursky and the mind truly boggles.  (Some eccentric publisher should definitely release this early work in a lavish hardcover edition, with end pages illustrated by Mark Schultz of Xenozoic Tales fame.)

If you wish to purchase a copy of The Mailer Review Tenth Anniversary Issue, just click HERE.

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