Friday, March 3, 2017

David Paulides & CHAMELEO

A correspondent recently sent me a link to an August 2016 radio interview with David Paulides, author of the excellent MISSING 411 series of books (about the unexplained disappearances of scores of people in the wilds of North America and beyond).  The show on which Paulides appeared is called WHERE DID THE ROAD GO? hosted by Seriah Azkath.  During this two-part interview Paulides mentioned my book CHAMELEO prominently:  

"[CHAMELEO] is a story about a kid north of San Diego that is harassed incessantly by a group of people who have stealth technology and actually can become invisible.  [The author] implicates the Department of the Navy.  This real credible guy wrote a great book about the incident and the technology, and how it appeared they were just testing it on this kid who was using drugs because they probably thought nobody would give a damn and never give the kid an ounce of credibility as to what he claimed.  It's a really intriguing story.  [George] Knapp had the guy on his show and called me later and said, 'Hey, you've go to read this book.'  So I said, 'All right,' and it was a good one.  It's a good one."

You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE (CHAMELEO is mentioned at around 41:00).  I recommend listening to the program in its entirety.

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