Saturday, March 25, 2017

Terrorism Liaison Officer Information Network

Anyone interested in government mass surveillance, the main subject of my book CHAMELEO, should take the time to check out the Terrorism Liaison Officer Information Network.  Here's a brief excerpt from the Network's website:

"What is the origin of the TLO Program?

"Shortly after 9/11, the police chiefs in South Bay, California organized a Terrorism Advisory Group as an effort apart from the existing Los Angeles County Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEW). One of the concepts that came out of this effort was that each agency designated a Terrorism Liaison Officer. These officers became the central point of contact for all terrorism-related information for their respective agencies. But there were limitations.

"Recognizing the extraordinary potential for the TLO Program to be a force-multiplier in countering the threat of terrorism, the concept was adopted by the Los Angeles County TEW. The model proved to be a tremendous success and has now expanded nationwide. Fusion Centers are now the principal points of coordination for the TLO Program.

"Because the multi-disciplinary approach to information sharing is vital to the success of any terrorism-related response, the TLO Program has been expanded to include fire department and public health representatives."

Please note that Terrorism Liaison Officers are trained by the staff of the Joint Regional Intelligence Center.  On the main page of the JRIC's website we find the following information (significantly, this is the only question listed under the heading "Frequently Asked Questions"):  "IF I AM NOT A MEMBER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE/EMS OR PUBLIC HEALTH CAN I RECEIVE TRAINING?"  Their answer to that question is, of course, "YES," followed by a link to the website of InfraGard.  In case that name doesn't ring a bell, I briefly mentioned InfraGard's alleged connection to unconstitutional mass surveillance programs in Part Three of my five-part article entitled "A World of Stalking Fools."

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