Tuesday, January 2, 2018


On Portal To Ascension, STEVE BASSETT and GRANT CAMERON discuss recent developments on the UFO Disclosure front....

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport has much to say about the recent spate of mainstream articles regarding UFOs in this 1-2-18 No More Fake News piece entitled "UFO Disclosure:  The Insider Game of 'Reliable Sources'."  Here's a brief excerpt:

"At any time over the past 40 years, the Times could have assigned a couple of reporters the job of assembling a history of bullet-proof UFO-encounter stories. For a major article. An article that would have settled the issue once and for all: UFOs, whatever they are, exist, and they exhibit extraordinary capabilities.

"But 'it wasn’t time.'

"Now, it is.

"The green light is on. But it is only glowing for certain people, and for chosen news companies.

"The Reliable Ones.

"Therefore, when the Times, or a comparable media operation, discloses UFO revelations, the stories—accurate or not—reflect a purpose that is hidden.

"That purpose is never the unvarnished and complete truth.

"Over the past 35 years, working as a reporter, I’ve spoken off-the-record with a number of mainstream journalists. They readily admit to making 'partial disclosures,' otherwise known as limited hangouts. They explain this as 'sticking to the facts at hand.' But that’s not true. They also admit their editors keep them from digging deeper on a story.

"Digging deeper would, of course, expose unpleasant scandals the public shouldn’t be aware of. And in the process, people who are deemed unreliable sources would be vindicated. If THAT happened, the whole proprietary media egg would crack.

"The public would understand, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that big media cherry-pick their sources, and mainstream news is a stage play."

To read Rappoport's entire article, click HERE.

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