Saturday, February 24, 2018

Is Bigfoot Real?

From Gabby Ferreira's 2-14-18 San Luis Obispo Tribune article entitled "Is Bigfoot Real?  This Woman Is Suing California to Recognize It as a Species":

"A San Bernardino-area woman is suing California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and Natural Resources Agency because the state has failed to keep Californians safe from Sasquatch.
"According to the San Bernardino Sun, Claudia Ackley, a 46-year-old Crestline resident and 'Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher,' filed suit in San Bernardino Superior Court on Jan. 18. Ackley told the Sun she has encountered many Sasquatches over the years, most recently in March 2017. On that last encounter, with both of her daughters present, the trio claimed to witness three Bigfoots while hiking a trail in Lake Arrowhead.
"According to the Sun, Ackley is most worried that the government could be putting people in danger by not recognizing Bigfoot as real.
"'People have to be warned about these things. They are big,' Ackley told the Sun. 'We’re totally vulnerable to these things.'"
Click HERE to read Ferreira's entire article.

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