Thursday, February 15, 2018

Meanwhile, in Fort Meade, Maryland...

On St. Valentine's Day a tragic school shooting occurred in Parkland, Florida, resulting in the deaths of seventeen people.  To read Loren Coleman's preliminary analysis of this attack (entitled "Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting:  Updated"), visit Coleman's Twilight Language blog HERE.

On the same day as the mass shooting in Florida, a seemingly unrelated shooting occurred in Fort Meade, Maryland outside the headquarters of the National Security Agency.  At least one person was injured during the incident.  According to Brian Witte's 2-15-18 U.S. News & World Report article entitled "2 Freed After Shots Fired at SUV in NSA Campus Confrontation":

"Two of the three people who were in a sport utility vehicle that was stopped and fired upon when it tried to enter the National Security Agency campus without authorization have been released, an FBI spokesman said Thursday.
"NSA police turned over the other person to the Howard County Sheriff's Office, because he was wanted on allegations of being behind on child support payments, said Dave Fitz, the spokesman for the FBI's Baltimore field office.
"The man, Javonte Alhajie Brown, 24, was expected to be released sometime Thursday, said Deputy Christopher Adams, a spokesman for the sheriff's office.
"Fritz said that the FBI investigation is ongoing to determine why the black SUV carrying the three people tried to enter a top-secret intelligence site at Fort Meade [...].
"An NSA police officer and a civilian onlooker also were injured in the incident Wednesday. Both required hospital treatment, but their injuries were not life-threatening, [Gordon] Johnson [special agent in charge of the FBI's Baltimore field office] said. Authorities did not say how they were injured.
"Wednesday's incident began about 6:55 a.m. when the SUV tried to enter the spy agency's campus.
"While Johnson declined to give details about who opened fire, he said preliminarily indications are that all gunfire was directed toward the vehicle.
"The vehicle had a New York license plate, and Johnson said it was believed to be a rental car, but he said it was unknown exactly where the vehicle came from.
"'We are working through that,' Johnson said. 'We believe that it was a rental car, but we're still working that as part of the ongoing investigation.'"
Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for further information about the 2-14-18 NSA shooting.

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