Sunday, February 17, 2019

More San Diego Madness

Readers of my book CHAMELEO will be well aware of the fact that San Diego, the military town of all military towns, is a nexus of seemingly "random" violence.  Yet another example of this ongoing chaos occurred this past Tuesday, according to Alex Riggins' 2-13-19 article entitled "Man Unloads 'Hail of Gunfire' into San Diego Bistro: 'Amazing That Nobody Was Hurt'":
A man armed with a high-powered rifle unleashed a “hail of gunfire” into a Hillcrest restaurant Tuesday night, but nobody was injured, police said.
Officers detained a possible suspect about 20 minutes later and found the discarded gun somewhere in the four blocks between where the gunfire erupted and where the man was detained, San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown told San Diego News Video.

Investigators at the scene found at least 19 “assault rifle-caliber” shell casings, Brown said. Several 911 callers reported the gunshots just before 7:40 p.m. near University and Fourth avenues, in a bustling area lined with restaurants and bars, San Diego Police Officer John Buttle said.

The rounds shattered the windows at the Asian Bistro, Brown said, adding that it was “amazing that nobody was hurt.” “It’s quite a blessing when that much, that hail of gunfire that went out, there was nobody hit,” Brown told San Diego News Video. “There were several patrons inside the business, and employees, and nobody was struck.” Some people inside the restaurant reported being hit by shattered glass, but any wounds were superficial and drew no blood, Brown said.

Witnesses told police the shooter fled south, and at least one witness said the gun used was an AR-15 rifle, according to police radio traffic.
To read Riggins' article in its entirety, click HERE.

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