Monday, February 4, 2019

Richard Schowengerdt Appears on IN OTHER NEWS!

Earlier today Richard Schowengerdt, the inventor featured so prominently in the pages of my book CHAMELEO, made a special appearance on Geoff Brady's radio show IN OTHER NEWS (WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York) to discuss the origins of Project Chameleo.  Targeted Individual Josephine Grace and Yours Truly also make appearances during the course of the hour.  Here's Geoff Brady's description of the episode:

On this show the topic of organized stalking is examined in depth because the cases are known to be at epidemic levels. The effects of gangstalking can cause severe and irreversible harm, and the media often take an easy route of portraying all victims as mentally ill. In several of these cases, there was mention of high technology warfare being deployed. Past guests Josephine Grace and Robert Guffey have described how a group of highly skilled individuals utilize advanced camouflage technology such as invisibility suits to harass, attack and injure. There are hundreds of patents filed for invisibility cloaking technology and invisibility detection devices. Among those U.S. patents is Project Chameleo filed by engineer Richard Schowengerdt. He joins us to talk more about the design of his electro-optical camouflage system making objects invisible within the visible spectrum of light.

Richard Schowengerdt served in the Navy and studied at their school of electronics in San Francisco. From there he went to Japan to set up a communication station for the US Navy. By 1957 he returned to St. Louis, Missouri and went to St. Louis University. He worked for McDonnel Aircraft, then moved to California in 1961. He was President of the Orange County Engineering Council in 1967, branch head of the Navy Metrology Engineering Center in Pomona, a Chief Warrent Officer Two with the Naval Reserve, and in 1988 worked with the Defense Contract Management Agency. There are many more accomplishments. He retired in October of 2014.

To listen to the entire show, click HERE

As a bonus, here's a photograph of me interviewing Richard in March of 2006:

And a second photo of the two of us standing outside George Van Tassel's world-famous Integratron (near Joshua Tree, California) in October of 2014:


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