Sunday, March 10, 2019

Jennifer Senior on "The Perils of Cancel Culture"

I'd like to offer a special tip of the hat to Elizabeth Hand (author of GENERATION LOSS, AVAILABLE DARK, and HARD LIGHT, and many other excellent novels) for alerting me to Jennifer Senior's illuminating 3-8-10 New York Times Opinion piece entitled "Teen Fiction and the Perils of Cancel Culture," which Hand describes as "an excellent piece [...] on social media's disturbing call-out culture and its power over publishing, in particular YA novels."

Here's a key quote from Senior's article: 

"The die-hards in this army of crusaders will argue they’re doing it in the name of diversity, but it’s really just the opposite: If Twitter controls publishing, we’ll soon enter a dreary monoculture that admits no book unless it has been prejudged and meets the standards of the censors."

To read Senior's entire article, click HERE.

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