Monday, March 18, 2019

Scott Pelley's "Brain Trauma Suffered By U.S. Diplomats Abroad Could Be Work of Hostile Foreign Government"

What follow are choice excerpts from a 3-17-19 article entitled "Brain Trauma Suffered By U.S. Diplomats Abroad Could Be Work of Hostile Foreign Government" by CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley:

"In 2016 and '17, 25 Americans, including CIA agents, who worked in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba suffered serious brain injuries causing impaired vision and memory loss among other persistent symptoms. Now, we've learned that at least 15 American officials in China suffered unexplained brain trauma soon after. The FBI is now investigating whether these Americans were attacked by a mysterious weapon that leaves no trace. Over many months we have been collecting evidence of what appears to be a hostile foreign government's plan to target Americans serving abroad and their families."

Skipping down further in the article...

"The State Department declined an interview, but in a statement to 60 Minutes it said, 'We will continue to provide our colleagues the care they need, regardless of their diagnosis or the location of their medical evacuation.' A State Department official told us that the Cuba patients are victims of an attack. But State hasn't made the same determination for the China patients. The department has asked the National Academies of Science to assist in the medical investigation.

"The FBI is also investigating. Intelligence sources told us that in addition to Cuba and China, Russia is a suspect. But if microwaves were used, the technology is not rare. It could be more than one country is using it. U.S. Intelligence is still debating what caused the injuries."

To read the entire article, click HERE.

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