Saturday, April 27, 2019


Earlier today I received my contributor copies for BLACK DANDY #3, a handsome collection of ten stellar short stories by ten extremely peculiar writers. My contribution, "The Detective with the Glass Gun" (6,000 words), is the lead story of the latest volume, which is subtitled "Fiction for the Fearless." 

A Cryptoscatological Factoid: "The Detective with the Glass Gun" was partially inspired by Frank Zappa's song "A Token of My Extreme" from his 1979 masterpiece JOE'S GARAGE. You can hear that song below:

For those not yet in the know, BLACK DANDY is a New Zealand based literary journal dedicated to "excellence in magic realism, surrealism, and the otherwise strange," according to the magazine's mission statement.

How excellent? How magical? How realistic? How surreal? How strange? 

Simply read "The Detective with the Glass Gun" and find out! To purchase a copy of BLACK DANDY #3, click HERE!

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