Saturday, April 20, 2019

Super Soldier for the Wars of the Future

From Bill Bostock's 4-4-19 Business Insider article entitled "A Russian Defense Ministry Report Claims Its Elite Soldiers Can Crash Computers With Their Minds and Read Documents Inside a Safe After Mastering Telepathy from Dolphins":

"Elite Russian soldiers can crash computers, treat wounded troops, and read foreign-language documents locked inside a safe using the power of their minds, a report in the Defense Ministry's official magazine claims. 

"Using 'parapsychology,' a catch-all term for any psychic ability, soldiers can detect ambushes, burn crystals, eavesdrop, and disrupt radio waves, according to a report by reserve colonel Nikolai Poroskov

"The techniques were developed over a long period staring in the 1980s Soviet Union, by studying telepathy in dolphins, the report said. It also claimed soldiers can now communicate with the dolphins. 

"The article, entitled 'Super Soldier for the Wars of the Future,' was swiftly scorned by experts. But its appearance in the February edition of the Russian defense ministry's Armeisky Sbornik (Army Collection) magazine is nonetheless remarkable.  

"The report says: 'With an effort of thought, you can, for example, shoot down computer programs, burn crystals in generators, eavesdrop on a conversation, or break television and radio programs and communications.'

"'Those capable of metacontact can, for example, conduct nonverbal interrogations. They can see through the captured soldier: who this person is, their strong and weak sides, and whether they're open to recruitment.'

"Soldiers could even 'read a document in a safe even if it was in a foreign language we don't know,' the report said. 

"Soldiers have also been trained in 'psychic countermeasures,' the report said — techniques which help soldiers stay strong during interrogations from telepaths in rival armies." 

To read Bostock's entire article, click HERE.

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