Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Happy Birthday, Bela Lugosi!

Today would have been the 138th birthday of Bela Lugosi, the undying star of such classic Golden Age horror films as DRACULA, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE, WHITE ZOMBIE, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, THE BLACK CAT, THE RAVEN, etc. In honor of this most venerable day, I suggest listening to the 10-22-19 episode of Roejen Razorwire's PROJECT ARCHIVIST podcast in which Gary D. Rhodes and I discussed our Rondo Award-nominated nonfiction book, BELA LUGOSI AND THE MONOGRAM NINE. So feel free to slip into your black-velvet-lined coffin, relax, smoke some opium, and get ready for an hour-long discussion filled with mind-boggling, Lugosi-related mysteries such as the FBI and OSS surveillance of Lugosi throughout World War II, Lugosi's peculiar relationship with Ed Wood, and the always fascinating surrealism of such cinematic enigmas as THE APE MAN, BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT, and THE CORPSE VANISHES! This makes perfect listening for the Halloween season! If you want to check out this weird and macabre interview, simply click HERE!

(And if any if this piques your interest in BELA LUGOSI AND THE MONOGRAM NINE, you can buy a copy right HERE!) 

As an added bonus, here's a photo of The Ghost Host at Disneyland standing beside Yours Truly outside the gates of The Haunted Mansion as we find ourselves hypnotized by the weirdly alluring, vampiric prose of BELA LUGOSI AND THE MONOGRAM NINE....

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