Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Cryptoscatological Roundup

Earlier today I came across a fascinating conversation between Sean David Morton and John B. Wells, which first aired on Morton's Strange Universe radio show back on January 31st of this year.  This episode aired the same week that Wells was unceremoniously fired from his gig as a weekend host on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.  Stick around to hear about Sean David Morton's dinner with Eldridge Cleaver and Ayn Rand (!) back in 1973, which Morton somehow manages to weave into the conversation at around 52:00.  Click HERE to listen to the entire interview.

Also, for a cogent roundup of recent cryptoscatological events, simply click HERE to check out Loren Coleman's 6-9-14 Twilight Language post entitled "Slender Man Mayhem & Las Vegas Killings."  You might also want to take the time to click HERE and read Coleman's latest post, this one entitled "Full Moon on Friday the 13th:  PsyWar or SubGenius?"

"PsyWar. Wag the dog. Psy Ops. Black ops. Political warfare. False flag. Astroturfing. There are so many words being used in common jargon today that few understand the depths or even reality of psychological warfare taking place. How much of it is actually activated by a third party? That hardly seems important any more, due to the mere fact that the copycat effect, behavior contagion keeps the cycle going within its own self-repeating process.

"Sometimes people get a feeling deep in their bones. They don't know why or what's going on. But it is very real to them. They don't know where it's coming from. Among some folks, the ones triggered and vulnerable, who are pushed around and sparked by such things, this Friday June 13th may be especially troubling. There is the sense to some that this Full Moon Friday the 13th might be one in which the human mood is provoked by the tidal wave of lunacy and phobias that haunt some people.

"Let us not get bogged down in theories, beliefs, and conspiracies. I suggest we look at the data, open our eyes, and watch what happens, but not in some analytic frozen state.

"I say, 'Be aware.'"

--Loren Coleman, 6-13-14

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